Van Df 510 - Barreiro Metallic Maximize

Van Df 510 - Barreiro Metallic

Number Df 510
Orange painting

Commemorative van of the 10th anniversary of Norbrass
Limited series to 30 units

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170,00 €

H0 model, very detailed with everything made of brass in rigorous 1:87 scale (except the gauge) for CC or DCC
Assembled by hand, made by lost-wax casting process
Detailed reproductions of cabin interior, chassis and brass coulisse
Side grills laminated, cast brass bogies, super detailed
Functional bogies suspension, all axle traction
Wheels with RP25 cod. 88 (for CC and DCC) profile
Cannon 5 pole motor with flywheel
Scale speed, extremely progressive
Spring loaded buffers, bonnet fan with free movement
Complete painting and lettering as the real prototype
Recessed windows, working lights according to direction of travel
Equiped with short couplers NEM 362
Luxury packing case