EuroDual: EVB 159 231 "Zelos" and more!

by Sudexpress

Posted on 29/08/2023 at 17:07

EuroDual: EVB 159 231 "Zelos" and more!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that during the next week there will be new Stadler EuroDual BR159 models available, as well as some references already sold out or previously announced.

To know wich models and/or versions will be arriving soon, please check the list of references below.

For more informations, please contact your usual store or reseller.

Your Sudepxress team.

Items out for delivery

  • EVB 159 231 "Zelos" *NEW*
    • S1592319 - AC digital version *NEW*
    • S1592318 - AC with Sound + Panto (Premium line) *NEW*
    • S1592311 - DC analogic version *NEW*
    • S1592310 - DC with Sound + Panto (Premium line) *NEW*
  • BSAS 159 210
    • S1592101 - DC analogic version
  • VTG Retrack 159 221
    • S1592211 - DC analogic version

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