Innofreight GigaWood wagons type Sggmrrs 90'

by Sudexpress

Posted on 14/02/2022 at 16:12

Innofreight GigaWood wagons type Sggmrrs 90'

We would like to share the first photos of our Innofreight Sggmrrs Gigawood wagons in H0 scale and remind all our customers that pre-orders are open in all Sudexpress reseller shops. For more information and details about the available Sggmrrs versions please check pages 58 to 63 from our novelty catalogue or directly contact your usual shop or reseller.
Delivery is estimated for Q2 2022.

Please note in the pictures that the models shown are painted pre-series samples. Not all parts have been finished or painted yet, colours may change in appearance. The samples do not represent the finished product.

Best regards
The Sudexpress Team

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